There are awareness programmes for people to make them understand the importance of rivers. 36. Prominent Uses of Rivers 1. Yes, Solar Panels Produce Pollution, Here’s How? Rivers provided early humans with water to drink and fish to eat. Students are encouraged to explain their thinking; before using the information to then look at river use conflicts. And also India has a number of rivers which are used for agriculture. Some human activities are harmful to rivers: Large factories built alongside rivers use enormous amounts of water for cooling and other purposes. In Africa, animals such as lions and elephants go to rivers for water to drink. Your email address will not be published. External freight trade became concentrated in estuarine ports rather than in inland ports when oceangoing vessels increased in size. River deltas have been important to humans for thousands of years because of their extremely fertile soils. There are some disadvantages for river. The Oroville Dam is 754 feet tall and is more than a mile (1.6 km) wide. There are countries in the world which exports fish products to the neighboring countries. In some cases a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of water. A short video revising how human interact with rivers. China is the largest fish producer in the world. Outflows from lakes and rivers include evaporation, movement of water into groundwater, and withdrawals by people. Join us and you can help stop the illegal wildlife trade and tackle other threats facing our natural world. River water Irrigation is much-needed for some thirsty plants like jute and paddy. Russia is the country with most rivers in the world. The rivers course Large boulders in the river. We’re working with HSBC in Kanpur, India, to help more than 30 factories involved in the production of leather reduce their water use and pollution, benefitting the environment, workers and the local community with access to clean flowing water. Rivers usually contain fresh water. There are various civilizations formed around rivers. The highest dam in the United States is located near Oroville, California. So there is uncertainty in climate conditions which lead to irrigation. By working with HSBC and the state-owned TGD (Three Gorges Dam) company, we worked to change how the dam operated, so that it mimicked the natural flow of the river. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rivers are expedient in numerous ways, they are often used to generate electricity , providing food, and for domestic purposes among others.Not to mention that they act as source of tourist attraction. This has been happening from the ages, Countries like India depend more on agriculture. People. Rivers also symbolize human health, since fresh water from rivers is essential to our communities and ourselves. In most countries, this is the technique that they have been using to generate electricity from river water. why is Renewable energy is important for the future. We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website and to help us provide the best possible experience for users. Unfortunately, they’re still threatened. On World Rivers Day, we celebrate the world’s precious waterways. In the case of rivers, we are doing whatever it takes to go rivers extinct knowingly or unknowingly. Most of the agricultural land on the earth is watered by the rivers. The reason is whenever we look for life, we look for a drop of water first. Many rare plants and trees grow by rivers. People who live in the areas of rivers generally do fishing and sell fishes in the market for income for living. Freshwater habitats account for some of the richest biodiversity in the world, and rivers are a vital, vibrant ecosystem for many species. In horses, snake poison is injected into horses. Unfortunately, they’re still threatened. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Rivers play a major role in our day to day life, but we least realize the importance of rivers. We must commit to recovering freshwater biodiversity, restoring natural river flows and cleaning up polluted water for people and nature to thrive. The high flow of water makes turbine rotate which generates electricity. So there is nothing really wrong with worshipping Rivers as god or goddesses. For example, people draw water from rivers to fulfill their drinking, bathing, irrigation, cooking and industrial needs. To learn more about our work with rivers and freshwater, click here. This boosted the carp population and allowed people to continue living off the river, when previously their livelihoods were at stake. Birds such as kingfishers eat small fish from the river. Rivers In the news Deaths Damage Effect on man Food Water 5. Recreational fishers fish for pleasure and sport. It goes without saying, but fresh, clean water is essential for humans and nature to survive. In ancient times fishing is also the main source of food. So, the amount and location of surface water changes over time and space, whether naturally or with human help. Human management and manipulation of rivers is also sometimes used to bend a river. You can usually drink this water without boiling it as well. Finke river in australia is the oldest river in the world with age between 350 to 400 years. Many of the world’s poorest people depend on fishing. And what are we doing to protect them? But interestingly this river water is the prime source of water pollution. Yes, Solar Panels Work In The Rain! Fishing is the main form of income source followed by remaining small creatures like crabs. In the evolution of humans, rivers and lakes played an unimaginable role. Frogs also live in rivers eating different insects. Rivers in medieval Europe supplied the water that sustained cities and the sewers that carried away city waste and were widely used, either directly or with offtakes, as power sources. There are over 100 rivers in Jamaica, many of them unexplored and not navigable. Protecting the habitat and increase in the number of habitats along the banks of the rivers also important. One of the ways we can save rivers is by cleaning the banks of the rivers first. The sources of … Rivers are important because they transport water, provide habitat, support economic activities and enable transportation. Rivers drain nearly 75% of the earth's land surface. Required fields are marked *. Another value embodied in a river is that of habitat, highlighting the importance of protecting freshwater ecosystems for fish and wildlife both in the river itself, and along its banks. The highest Dam in the world is Nurek Dam in Vakhsh River in Tadzikistan, a country in central Asia. I have written how Water Energy is used as Renewable Energy and Its importance in why is Renewable energy is important for the future article. We can easily say Rivers are another world for the water animals and birds. Sedentary settlement in Hither Asia began about 10,000 years ago at the site of Arīḥā (ancient Jericho). Fresh water usually contains fish which can be grilled on a fire and eaten by a human. Fishing and Boating are very popular recreational activities to consider and fishing is also a something people usually do for commercial purposes. This is often done by the use dams, sluices, levees and diversion channels in densely populated, low-lying areas to prevent flooding, or for business and agricultural purposes. Humans know the importance of river since the pre-historic age. The river water is used for domestic purposes, agriculture, industrial usage. But even in the UK, over three quarters of our rivers fail to meet required health standards and face multiple threats – putting an increasing pressure on the diverse wildlife that call our beautiful rivers home: from kingfishers to otters and brown trout. With AB InBev, the world’s leading brewer with brands such as Budweiser under its wing, we’re working with communities to develop new enterprises and encourage sustainable farming practices along the River Rwizi in Uganda, securing this valuable water source for people and nature. We must commit to recovering freshwater biodiversity, restoring natural river flows and cleaning up polluted water for people and nature to thrive. Most importantly crocodiles and snakes live in rivers eating some other water organisms. Major ancient civilizations grew along deltas such as those of the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates rivers, with the inhabitants of these civilizations learning how to … We read about the early civilizations, especially those developed on the river banks only because people found food such as fish and other animals and water for drinking and other purposes to live. From fishing to agriculture, the way we manage our waterways has a direct impact on people’s lives. People use different techniques for fishing mainly hand-gathering,  spearfishing,  netting, angling, and trapping. 70% of our bodies are water. sub-optimal investment decisions). When people learned to build and use boats, rivers supplied a cheap and easy way to travel. Not just India, I should have to say, many countries are really depending on agriculture and only a few are not. Water from the river is mainly used for washing, bathing and cooking and provides a steady supply of food to people since people consume fish, which is though to have many healing properties. The Hoover Dam, on the Nevada-Arizona border, is over the Colorado River. But water is a different story. Swimming? Humans Originated Near Rivers, Evidence Suggests. Rivers are used for the more obvious tasks, such as collecting water and collecting food. Thousands of years ago, early humans settled by lowland rivers and later used them for transport from one settlement to another, and for … This can be as simple as stopping water from flowing down sloping tractor tracks, which would take valuable topsoil as well as pollutants into rivers and streams. Rivers are the means by which most of the water is supplied for drinking in all parts of the world. Rivers carry water and nutrients to areas all around the earth. Impacts on a species or a non-living element may have long-term consequences for a river ecosystem. You can unsubscribe at any time. Rivers are vital to people’s livelihoods. They play a very important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. The unnaturally hot water disturbs the ecology of the river and kills fish. Rivers are part of human’s culture. Humans use rivers in countless ways. With local farmers, we’re encouraging the adoption of simple land management changes to support healthy rivers that benefit wildlife and farming. Human use of rivers has traditionally meant decreases in water quality. In today’s world, we are able to generate electricity from river water by building dams across river flow. Benefits Of Rivers. The Nile river used to be the longest river in the world and Amazon river is the second longest. Afar people, living in the adjoining floodplain of the Jara River. Throughout history, people have chosen to live near to rivers and water sources. Also, here are a few hand-picked articles for you to read next: Being a nature lover, I feel it is my responsibility to show the real environmental problems that we are facing in this world to the public. Another value embodied in a river is that of habitat, highlighting the importance of protecting freshwater ecosystems for fish and wildlife both in the river itself, and along its banks. Intermittent rivers are the rivers which flow only certain times of a year. Why are rivers so important? We discuss popular ways, how river water is being used later in this article one by one. In summary, irrigation water from rivers is crucial to overpopulated countries like India and China. Rivers are also rich for providing food like fish and other aquatic animals. As Human beings, we are required to consume around 8 liters of water each day in order to function seamlessly. Rivers contain only 0.003% of the water on Earth. A reservoir is built to store water and water is released from that reservoir. It is 726 feet tall and stores 21 million acre-feet of water in the 115 miles long Lake Mead reservoir, behind the dam. We need your help to give rangers the strength and safety they need, and to tackle poaching and demand for products like ivory. Most rivers teem with organisms and several species of fish and since we can trawl the various waterways looking for food, there’s every reason that we may want to consider staying close by the river. Dirty water containing chemicals is put back in the river. One of the reasons is the variety of climate, there will be extreme heat at some places and extreme cold at some places. Today, many places use rivers to produce electric power. In the water-use cycle, water moves from a source to a point of use, and then to a point of disposition. The rivers are cause to increase the possibility of flooding. Importance of Rivers. 3 stages of the river The journey of river from source (where the river begins) to mouth (where the river ends) is sometimes called the course of the river. Nature has given us everything we need to live a basic life, but we spoil them trying to do different things with them. Generating power? Creeks, Brooks and Streams Today river water is not just used for drinking, it has been used several other ways for the betterment of people’s livelihood. Planting trees also important things in protecting the rivers. I use this as a two part lesson, looking at how we use rivers in a positive and negative way. The water has been an unasked gift to us in many ways. Although there are many ways we can use rivers but below are some of the important ways. Water used for cooling is warmer than the river itself, and this is also a form of pollution. Rivers are absolutely vital: for fresh drinking water, for people’s livelihoods and for nature. Fishing is the activity of catching fish. River - River - Significance to trade, agriculture, and industry: The historical record includes marked shifts in the appreciation of rivers, numerous conflicts in use demand, and an intensification of use that rapidly accelerated during the 20th century. We should be happy with what we have today, water is available to us in the form of rivers. It was similar story in the Mekong river basin spanning Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and China’s Yunnan province, where a quarter of the world’s freshwater fish are caught. In India, people once upon a time even worshipped rivers as their life-giving god and goddesses. Sign up to be kept informed about our conservation work and how you can help such as fundraising, campaigning and events. Means of Communication 2.Economic and Industrial Development 3.Water Storage 4.Hydro-Electric Power Generation 5.Agricultural Purposes 6.Regulating River Flows 7.Moderation of Climate 8.Source of Food 9.Source of Minerals 10.Tourist Attraction and Health Resorts. Tha Dam is 984 Feet Tall. Now you know “what are the uses of rivers”. Rivers provide life-sustaining supplies of water and important nutrients for living organisms around the world, including humans, plants and fish. Irrigation: Irrigation is the main use of rivers, water flow to rivers keeping many agricultural lands not to dry. We see water all around us in the sea, lakes, ponds and rivers. Conflicts can arise between the different land uses and solutions must be adopted to minimise these disputes. River features and land uses vary along the course of a river. 2. With the advanced Irrigation facilities and high breed seeds, we have today, we are able to produce crops at any seasons. Rivers are part of human’s culture. Rivers are precious sources of fresh drinking water for people across the world. Rivers are not just important for the animals and birds to live, but also it is the main source of drinking water. River - River - Importance of rivers: The inner valleys of some great alluvial rivers contain the sites of ancestral permanent settlements, including pioneer cities. Humans Influence on Rivers. Every river that was ever used to transport freight more cheaply than it could transported over land was important to its local people. Rally For Rivers is One of the initiations taken by Sadhguru from isha foundation in India. People use rivers for transportation and as a source of natural resources. This dam was built-in 1968, 22 years after the Hoover Dam. And also excessive rainfall in some places and dryness in some other places. Human beings have an impact on river ecosystems. We are now going to take you on a journey to find where our water comes from and how rivers affect our lives. What Is The Actual Importance Of Recycling? Rivers are also used for more challenging tasks, such as utilizing the flow of water to use as a power source and allowing the flow of water to help filter mining substances.
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