Cricket has been rocked by an alleged betting scam but how much do top class cricketers ... the members of the England cricket team do much better. Your team may provide you with bats, but you need to buy spikes on your own. If you're still debating the value of a coach to the modern cricket side, don't. But Pakistani players will argue their plight is compounded by a lack of access to the richest domestic league in the sport, or an especially bountiful payout from the PCB's commercial rights. Cricket players are individuals who play the sport of cricket for a living. The BCCI decided at a technical committee meeting last August to substantially increase the Ranji Trophy players’ salary, with acting president CK Khanna opining that a minimum 50 per cent hike was a must. The world's leading footballers, tennis players, basketball players, golfers and Formula One drivers earn so much more than the leading cricketer that to say cricket is a professional sport feels far-fetched. Are Indian players the world's best-paid cricketers? Most boards (see below*) pay their players a share of their commercial rights, while others don't, or distribute them differently. Cricket claims to be among the world's leading and most popular sports, and its stated aim is to become the world's favourite sport. The Salary of an Indian International player comes from: Match Fees: Match Fee is same for all the team members. Four divisions, not two The disparity remains - at about $265,000, an England player on the ECB's lowest contract (England group their contracts not in grades but in terms of red-ball, white-ball and all-format cricketers) still earns nearly 20 times as much as a Bangladesh player on the lowest contract ($15,000). Again the gaps are stark. The BCCI is not killing Test cricket The figures are based on international cricket, and do not take into account player earnings from T20 leagues, other domestic engagements or endorsements. Cricket Service salary trends based on salaries posted anonymously by Cricket Service employees. ... Over the years, the monetary proposition in the sport of cricket has escalated drastically, to which there are several contributing factors. Sachin Arora FOLLOW. Post a job for free. By bringing more players into the net, they bring to the game a greater semblance of equality in itself (the fact that these two countries are also the two largest, population-wise, among the cricket nations, plays a role). And if anything, it will increase the disparity in earnings between top and bottom. One of the most successful cricket captains of all time, Clarke, holds the ninth spot in the list of the highest paid cricketers in 2020. Ireland Cricket Players Salaries 2018 (Central Contracts) December 11, 2017 By admin. The Services cricket team plays in the Ranji Trophy, the main domestic first-class cricket competition in India. For the purposes of this article, we have taken the payment to be part of the total retainer amount - if, however, you add on the full $180,000 to, say, Joe Root's total earnings, he nudges slightly ahead of Steven Smith as the highest earner. Perhaps it is because, historically, it is in these countries that the coach's position has been the most vulnerable: the high-risk nature of a subcontinent job means attracting someone, especially from outside the region, requires that much more money. This payment, however, is linked to commercial obligations each player fulfils, and so varies from player to player. The BCCI's commitment to Test cricket often comes under scrutiny. That, you might say, is a modern truism of the game, but as the calendar is being fundamentally reshaped by domestic T20 leagues and the riches they offer players, the magnitude of that inequality should serve as a clear warning to the international game.
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