The unkindness of history is a … This group knows where the future of its sport and the Mountain Cur breed lies, and it does an excellent job of promoting its youth programs. As a result, most of the Cur breeds are types rather than breeds, i.e. For these early settles, the true heritage of the Mountain … The breed is believed to have originated in Alabama, … This group holds dozens of events and competition hunts each year across the U.S., during winter, summer, spring and fall. As I look back on my days of squirrel hunting, I realize it was not so much the hunting, but the partnership with my dogs that I treasured most. RELATED: 12 Dog Breeds for Personal & Home Protection. We typically hunt public land. Initially, the term was used for describing a dog with a short tail tending to cattle, however, in the modern times, it stands for any mixed breed variety. the feists and curs.In this article, we are going to cover 10 most popular and unique squirrel hunting dog breeds, their characteristics and what makes them so great at what they do. Money—lots of it—will get you there. The clubhouse itself is first class and very spacious with long tables to seat and feed dozens of hunters. See more ideas about Mountain cur dog, Dogs, Pets. The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto is also reported to have brought some brindle-colored, bob-tailed dogs with him to America. The Mountain Cur dogs are slowly being sorted into individual types. I know within which camp my tent is pitched. Our cur dogs are trained to be combination dogs, meaning we use them on squirrel and coon. April 30, 2020. Each Cur breed or type is unique. To them she’s Reigert, and she should be happy that’s all they call her. There are several types of hunting dogs developed for various tasks and purposes. During the 1940s and ’50s, many people in the rural south were moving to cities for jobs, and less people on the farm and in the mountains meant less people keeping Mountain Cur dogs, causing their numbers dwindling during this period. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), I hope to get back to Jamestown for the next hunt. This dog was tempered in the fire of the eastern frontier and survives to this day as a loyal friend and magnificent hunting dog. Secondly, American readers may wonder why there are so many superfluous U’s, double L’s, and other weird spelling throughout this book. Initially bred for hunting, this well-muscled and rugged dog may appear as very bold and scary but is an absolute softy. This means I don’t recommend it to sensitive readers, young teenagers or to my Mother. If your profile don't show much information you will not be added Compare Polish Hunting Dog and Mountain Cur and Redbone Coonhound. The Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA) is the premier group promoting the modern Mountain Cur. Escaping the squalor of Earth, and establishing oneself on the new planet frontier, is in. Keeping it all together may be Reigert’s job, and hope for a better life, but surviving another day at the office is her new priority. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. It’s the best way I know to take a person hunting for the first time. These dogs are primarily working dogs, but they also make fine companions. This term is used exclusively … Native to the United States, the Black Mouth Cur was historically o ne of the best utility and hunting dogs, but now he’s lauded as a great family dog and companion. Introducing the Outstanding UKC Cur Nite Hunt Dog of the Year Program. But, getting there is the end of the easy part. On a hunt several years ago, one of my companions had a young Labrador retriever just beginning its first season afield. I hope to get back to Jamestown for the next hunt. These dogs were intended to be very versatile working dogs. This was evident at the Jamestown gathering as everywhere you looked there was a kid with a dog. I have been meaning to make it to one of these gatherings for some time, so I jumped in the truck and traveled to Jamestown, Tennessee, for a recent event. Some say the first settlers to the New World brought mixed Cur-type dogs with them and these dogs may have been crossed with a dog that the Native Americans already had here in America. Print and Digital Subscriptions to AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN®  magazine are available here. The Original Mountain Cur is an American classic and a national treasure. Now you know … and welcome to the Great White North. That role is assigned to her partner, and Lead Chaperone, Victor Stovall … and the hot-headed crank doesn’t work as a committee. The cur used to be a specialized working dog, bred for farm work and hunting. Black Mouth Cur dogs are the heavy hitter or the special forces … The word cur is actually an old word that refers to a dog of an unknown breed. The best hunting dog is driven by: - a natural game instinct which must be bred into the dog - it can not be taught or learned from other dogs. 1 Dog Name. The unkindness of history is a stain deeply soaked, I suppose. What’s not to like? The Cur does have a strong hunting instinct, and unless you work hard on training a reliable recall command, then you’re likely to see your dog disappearing into the distance. 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