The plants and animals surrounding the river and canyon would not thrive and be as beautiful as they are if our rivers were polluted. Every river that was ever used to transport freight more cheaply than it could transported over land was important to its local people. However, rivers still carry and distribute important salts and nutrients to support plant and animal life. Together with the Missouri River, it forms the fourth largest river system in the world. Rivers in general embody many different values to different people. For this reason, some of the most biodiverse habitats on our planet can be found around rivers. A river flowing through a desert can be considered exotic due to its existence in an otherwise arid region. It flows 2,340 miles north to south from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. Intro Quiz. 6 lessons in Rivers: An exotic river starts out from a humid region and flows into a dry region. Transcript. The Clean Water Act. Answer: Rivers are the major source of water for irrigation and hence are important for a country where farming is still the occupation of the largest portion of population. Ecosystem Service Definition Via Qualitative Research: A Southwestern Pilot Study M. Weber USEPA Other Partners: P. Ringold USEPA Sonoran Institute H. Thurston USEPA Arizona DEQ L. Norman USGS EPA Region 9 Nita Tallent -Halsell USDOI NPS Tumacacori NHP B. Labiosa USGS . The Mississippi River is one of the most important rivers in the United States. River-based irrigation permitted communities to specialize and develop, even in areas lacking adequate rainfall. Rivers also symbolize human health, since fresh water from rivers is essential to our communities and ourselves. The human body is 55-60% water. For example, rivers symbolize connections, since they touch everyone, and everybody in principle lives downstream. Why are Rivers Important? Water is important for everybody and everything’s health. Read more . Every river that provided fish was important. River in northeast Pakistan What Is An Exotic River, And Why Are They So Important? The source of the Mississippi is Lake Itasca in Minnesota. Why are rivers an important natural resource in Pakistan? 12/9/2010 . By Marques Hayes on September 5 2017 in Politics. In this lesson, we will be learning about rivers and why they are important to people. Why Are Rivers Important? Camila Badilla, coordinator of the Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network, says that granting legal rights to rivers is just one step in an ongoing transformation in how humans view their place in the natural world. Video. For those cultures that depended on them, rivers were the lifeblood. Many major rivers serve as important channels for transporting goods and people and thus play important role in … The Rio Grande’s biggest water user is North of Albuquerque in Rio Rancho where the Intel Plant (CPU Manufacturers…) sucks a million gallons a day or more, then recharges it. Why the world's rivers are losing sediment and why it matters. . It’s used for cooling their silicone cooking systems, etc. The Nile River is an example of an exotic river. We will be looking at two case studies in the lesson today - the Volga River in Russia and the Amazon River in South America. There are low, flat coastal plains, rivers, waterfalls, a peninsula, a harbor, and a swamp. Exit Quiz.