Long considered the gateway to the Arctic, this cold northern city was the starting point of many Arctic expeditions and home to many hunters. On a previous trip to Tromsø, I went whale watching off the coast of neighbouring Kvaløya island. Well, apparently outsiders who came to Tromsø expected to find Barbarians, but when they got here, they realised the locals were nothing of the sort. Photography and infographics cannot be used without permission.Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Terms and Conditions. A landmark of Tromso, it was built in 1965, mainly from concrete. Read stories about Tromsø´s past and present and see stunning documentary photography inside this magnificent 1838 neoclassical building. It is important to wear practical clothing as the weather can change very quickly. Another great draw of the restaurant is the price point with Burgr being a very budget-friendly place compared to other spots in Tromsø. While perhaps not all Norwegians are Olympic-level skiers, winter activities are an important part of the culture. With that said, you can still find things to do and places to eat, you just need to manage your expectations. This is also, the best way to get up close to reindeer and have your chance to feed them! You can find the Tromsø Cathedral at Sjøgata 2 in Tromsø. The tour starts at 14:00 h. and costs 250 NOK. One of the best ways to explore the beautiful Arctic scenery is to head out into the wilds with a pair of snowshoes and a trusty guide. I recommend ordering a set platter of sushi so that you can try the various types of sushi. Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet). Please check your email for further instructions. Many of Mack’s beers have Arctic-inspired names including Isbjørn (Polar Bear), Nordlys (Northern Lights), and Midnattsol (Midnight Sun). Tours can be booked for 2-6 hour blocks and you will need to cover any additional costs if you are looking to go further afield. I love Tromsø. Step inside the world famous Tromsø Ice Domes, a real hotel made of snow and ice! GOOD TO KNOW:  I have created a guide that details how to find ETHICAL whale watching tours in Tromsø as well as what to expect, how to dress for a whale safari, and more. Check the official Tromsø Ice Domes website for more details  and Book your tour here. Located close to the harbor, the library was completed in 2005, taking inspiration from the Mexican architect Candela. The artistic elements are enhanced by the use of LED lights to make them really pop and add a new dimension. This was a really immersive experience, and at the end of the tour, you really felt like you had achieved something. Whales have a long history of chasing herring into the fjords of Norway providing some awesome whale watching opportunities. Relaxing in this cozy pub with a choice of up to 72 beers on tap is one of the best things to do in Tromsø. We hope that you find many things to do in Tromsø in winter that suit your needs and desires from this magical city of the north. Bring these, Northern Lights Concerts: Adult 195 NOK ($22 USD); Child 50 NOK ($10 USD), December 25: Closed (Service at 18:00 and New Year Concert at 21:00h. See the Northern Lights, the most spectacular thing to do in Tromso in winter Seeing the Northern Lights is the most impressive thing to do in Tromso in winter. Get my FREE guide & access 78 top dictionaries used by polyglots! If you can’t do that, then aim to follow my recommended itinerary. Leaving Tromsø, you will head out to the domes where you will tour the various parts of the complex and enjoy a complimentary nonalcoholic drink at the ice bar and a film at the ice cinema. Tasting your way around a new place gives you the chance not only to understand it better but also to get closer to its inhabitants. Get started today! You will start your tour by being picked up in a Tesla, which thankfully means the groups will be kept small and intimate, and then you’ll be taken to pick up your snowshoes. Aim to visit Fjellheisen when there is good weather otherwise you may not see much. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. During the winter in Tromsø, it is possible to see sea eagles hunting for herring, reindeer on the coastline, and various species of whale and seals. It’s directly opposite the Polar Museum and can be easily reached from the waterfront. Get my free Norwegian travel phrase guide. The average temperature in Tromsø during winter is around -4 °C. Other excellent options are Radisson Blu Hotel (where I stay on my previous trip) and Scandic Ishavshotel. When I met with the Sámi, I learned that there are three kinds of Sámi, Sea Sami (who live on the coast and live off fish and marine life like seals), those who live further inland and herd reindeer, and then there are those who have regular day jobs but still maintain a strong Sámi culture. Situated in the Arctic Circle in the northern part of Norway, stepping off the plane here in … It just so happens that these borders meet in the middle of a frozen lake! What they found where cultivated and well-educated people who dressed just as well as those in Paris. Subscribe to get notified about new guides, inspiration, deals, and much more! The museum exhibits constantly change and feature different aspects of the cultural diversity of this amazing city. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not only that but if you scan the QR code on the beer can/bottle, it will tell you what song was playing while the beer was brewed! The best time to go whale watching is between November and February, but this all depends on the whales. As you sail along, you will be taught all about the history of the region from a geographical aspect as well as the human side. We sought out ethical ones and our guide also details how to ensure you dress for the evening and what to expect. Jun 19, 2018 - If you are exploring the Arctic Circle, check out the top 12 things to do in Tromsø, Norway in winter! By now, you’ll be exhausted from the late nights and early starts. Currently planning a trip to Tromsø, our third to Norway, and will definitely be using many suggestions made here. The harbor in Tromsø is nothing but picturesque, with small fishing boats bobbing in the frigid Arctic Sea to a backdrop of traditional, red Scandinavian-style wooden houses. Each guide doubles as a professional photographer who will take shots of you in each idyllic location. You can find Kafe Globus at Storgata 30 in Tromsø. It is important to take appropriate clothing up to the top of the cable car as the weather can change within seconds. Seeing the Northern Lights might sound simple enough, but there is a fair amount of organisation and planning that goes into any successful attempt to see them. Once you get to Tromsø, save yourself the expensive airport shuttle bus with Bussring and take a local bus instead. This small but interesting museum covers both nature and culture of the Arctic including Sami culture, the Aurora Borealis, wildlife, Vikings, and medieval art. Prebooking is also possible by calling either Tromsø Taxi on +47 03011 or Din Taxi +47 02045. Children (7-18 years old) 35 NOK ($4 USD). What you need is someone with local knowledge. Even then, only about 10% of Sámi herd reindeer. Prior to the sledding, you are given a brief lesson to learn how to control the sled and what both members of the team must do in order to help the pups out along the way. I’ve visited in winter twice and I still managed to find new ways to enjoy it. First of all, Sámi people (the ones who live off the land) don’t drive cars, have ducted heating at home, or follow a vegan diet, like many of us. Despite the lack of sunlight in Tromsø in winter, there is still a trove of things you can do and experience in the Arctic city. For the best visibility, get to the top before 11 am while it’s still light out. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. Alternatively, exit the airport via the main doors and walk down the small hill to the right. Top Things to Do in Tromso, Troms: See Tripadvisor's 45,365 traveller reviews and photos of 92 things to do when in Tromso. Check the official Polstjerna website for more details, Choose from over 70 beers on taps at Ølhallen pub. Pretty cool, eh? Originally, I thought I would have issues with husky sledding and the treatment of the dogs, however, unlike the reindeer sledding, I could really see that the dogs actually enjoyed the activity and were excited to be racing around the course. There are several things to do in Tromsø in winter. On the tour of Tromsø during winter, you will learn all about the long history of the city and its role as the gateway to the Arctic. One of the reasons Norway keeps drawing me back is for the opportunity to learn about and see the world’s biggest mammals in a stunning Arctic landscape, whales! For lunch, you can order a tasty meal to eat in their ice restaurant. Ice bars have become popular around the world, however, I think Magic Ice Bar in Tromsø is one of the best I have ever been to. I used World Nomads for my trip to Norway. Head up Fjellheisen (opens at 10.00 h.), visit the Arctic Cathedral, the Polar Museum, Skansen, Tromsø Harbour, MS Polstjerna, and Polaria. If you’re keen, you’re invited to help the researchers collect data too. Explore the Arctic wilderness while enjoying, As you hike above the majestic fjords, keep an eye out for. Thanks to Tromso’s location, it is one of the best places to see Northern Lights in Norway. The museum is relatively small but is a great place to escape the cold outside. The interior of the restaurant is charming and cozy offering views over Tromsø’s darling harbor. Polarmuseet (Polar Museum) is a relatively small museum that takes you through the cultural, natural, and archeological history of the region. Address: Skippergata 6A, This popular and cozy restaurant offers over 70 dishes including Tex-Mex, Italian, burgers, salads, pizza and more. What is There to do in Tromso in Winter? Hiking is probably the most popular activity in summer and winter in Norway. This became his inspiration for the building. Avoid getting scammed! Make sure you try a Norwegian Waffle, too! Learning about Sámi culture, traditions, and their means of survival is truly fascinating. This guide will take you through the most amazing things to do in Tromsø during winter. Check the official Tromsø Cathedral website for more details, whale watching off the coast of neighbouring Kvaløya island, Plan your route and get up to date timetables, comparing prices and booking your rental car here, The Ultimate Sámi Culture Experience in Tromsø, 23 Travel Tips You Should Know Before Visiting the Lofoten Islands, Norway, How to get to Lofoten: 6 Easy Ways to Get to the Lofoten Islands, Norway, 28 Unique Things to Do in Lofoten Before You Die [A Comprehensive Guide], 7 Reasons Why You Should Take an Arctic Fjords Road Trip in Tromsø. The people of Tromsø voted it the “Best Service Enterprise in Tromsø” in 2006 and in 2008 it was one of three nominated as “Library of the Year” in Norway. My personal favourite is their small Minibus Chase because they provide you with super warm thermal suits and winter boots, a warm meal and hot drinks, camera tripod, and hotel drop off. ), Walk over the bridge (approx. Tromsø Winter Events and Festivals Polar Night Half Marathon – Join Norway’s biggest winter race. In the evening, go on your first Northern Lights chase. Renting a car in Norway? During strong displays, it is possible to see the lights hang above Tromsø, although, it is not possible to just rely on such displays as times when the solar activity is weak the lights will be lost in the light pollution admitted from the city. Reply. Planning a trip? It takes around an hour to reach the top. The fjords of Norway are stunning. Use your card to pre-purchase your ticket (Adult 31 NOK, Child 19) at the machine. There are so many ways to experience what Tromsø has to offer, from seeing the Northern Lights to whale watching, feeding reindeer and experiencing Sami culture to relaxing in quaint cafes after wandering around unique museums. Below you find my guide of what to in Tromso in winter. Check the official Polaria website for more details. Get started today! Check the official Tromsø University Museum website for more details. Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 10:00 – 24:00, Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 01:00, Sun: 11:00 – 23:00 Boat Rentals in Tromso Speed Boats Tours in Tromso Scuba & Snorkelling in Tromso Swim with Dolphins in Tromso Waterskiing & Jetskiing in Tromso. The Doom burger has a habanero mayo that will definitely warm up from the inside after a day exploring the Arctic. Orange Pins – Where to eat and drink in Tromsø For a drink with a view, head to Sky Bar located on the top floor of Clarion The Edge Before you leave Tromsø, make sure you take home a keepsake from any of charming shops located along Storgata, Tromsø’s most popular shopping strip. On this tour, you hop on a snowmobile and glide across the frozen lake, dubbed “the most peaceful border in the world”. Top-rated Tromsø day tours and experiences: Need insurance for Norway? Tromsø Cathedral is the northernmost Protestant cathedral in the world. With 75,000 inhabitants, Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway. Afterwards, you ride through forests and finish up with an amazing elevated view over the magnificent Finnish tundra. Taste your way through Tromso’s best brews with a 3-hour beer tour in the Gateway to the Arctic. Its Norwegian name, Ishavskatedralen, literally means “The Cathedral of the Arctic Sea” or simply the “Arctic Cathedral”. I'm the 'guide' behind The Intrepid Guide, a hub for travellers and language learners with thousands of readers and a popular newsletter. However, the evergreen shrubs and rock formation remain visible. You can find the Polarmuseet at Søndre Tollbodgate 11B in Tromsø. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Tromsø is from early September until early April. Chasing Lights run about 4 separate Northern Lights tours each night, so there are plenty of eyes and ears on the ground. Things to do near Wild Seas Winter on Tripadvisor: See 14,102 reviews and 30,513 candid photos of things to do near Wild Seas Winter in Tromso, Norway. One of the most interesting buildings in Tromsø is the large, wooden cathedral. Check the official Tromsø Kunstforening website for more details. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive detailed travel guides, exclusive travel and language learning tips, priority access to giveaways and more! Even though it’s not possible to go into the building, the area is free to explore and a pleasant way to spend an hour and see a little of the history of this wonderful town. For those just looking for a quick coffee to warm up from the cold, then the coffee served at Globus is really superb and they will try to accommodate any needs, such as creating drinks that may not be on the menu. Not that this list is in any kind of order, but if it was, then seeing the Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) would definitely be the number one thing to do in Tromsø in winter, so let’s just keep here shall we? You can enjoy an amazing view of mountains and fjords surrounding Tromso from the Floya Mountain/ Cable Car It is magical watching the northern lights dancing above the city in the winter, or see the midnight sun sparkling in the sea surrounding Tromso in the summer. Let me know how it goes! Tromsø’s history starts at Skansen, where, in the 13th century a church and a fortress were built. Polaria is a 10-minute walk from the city centre located on Hjalmar Johansens gate near the harbour. Every year the hotel has a new theme conveyed through beautiful coloured lighting and ice sculptures. The concerts feature an array of music from classical to traditional Sami joik and much more. There are also exhibits featuring photographs celebrating diversity’s impact on other regions of the world, such as the former USSR. Gloves – If you want to use your phone get, Wind and waterproof jacket with a hoodie – I wore my. On this tour, you meet the most well-known group of Sámi, the reindeer herders. Check out my complete guide on what to wear and pack for a winter trip. Where to do it in Alta: GLØD Explorer offers an easy snowshoe + ice fishing combo tour that includes lunch in a cozy Sami lavvo (tent/teepee). Outdoor activities in Tromsø: find your next adventure in Tromsø. You will head out into the countryside crossing the borders between Norway, Sweden, and Finland in an effort to track down the Aurora Borealis. The Arctic City of Tromsø has a lot to offer and even more during winter time. Just make sure you leave the hotel by 09.00. The aesthetics of the restaurant oozes Scandinavian charm with the largely wooden interior making you feel right at home as you enjoy your meal at one of the restaurants, or simply a casual beer at the bar. If you are looking to just visit the Ice Domes for a day, the best way to go is with a guided tour. Polarmuseet is located in the city centre on Søndre Tollbodgate and can be easily reached from the waterfront. Rooms aren’t serviced daily, but you can take new towels, toiletries, fresh linen, and toilet paper as you need them. Seeing historical sights associated with killing animals isn’t easy for me, especially since more than 100,000 seals were caught from this vessel but, as I mentioned earlier, you have to keep an open mind. Take the time to wander around the harbor, taking in its quaint beauty and see the snowy mountains that provide a dramatic backdrop. You will predominantly encounter two types of whales on the tour- the giant humpback whales and pods of majestic killer whales, or orcas. Want to learn more about the physics behind the Aurora or try out the Northern Lights plasma chamber? They really do operate like a well-oiled machine. Displays are in Norwegian, but you will be provided an English guide book to help you navigate your way around the museum. Choose between a Half-Marathon, 10 km, or 5 km without timing. Check it out for tips on what to expect and what to wear if you go on a husky safari. In fact, if you’re lucky, and the aurora is strong enough, you can even see the Northern Lights from the city centre! If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment or send us an email! The other venue including the sealing vessel MS Polstjerna (No. There is an Arctic walkway and aquariums full of fish and bearded seals. The Polar Museum is one of the best places in the city to learn all about Tromsø’s rich and interesting history. You can find the Tromsø Botanical Garden at Stakkevollvegen 200 in Tromsø. For both trips to Tromsø, I stayed a full 7 days. To fully enjoy your time in Tromsø it takes some planning before you arrive. To end the tour, you’ll enjoy a warm lunch around a toasty campfire. The temperature is kept to a cool minus 5 ˚C so make sure you wrap up. Even really weak aurora activity can be seen in the skies near Tromsø. Definitely a thing to pack for a Tromso winter adventure. Smørtorget Cafe, formerly Smorkringla Cafe, is a great little spot to escape the cold for a bit while exploring the city. Things to Do in Tromso, Norway There are plenty of other things to do in Tromso apart from chasing the Northern Lights. The interior of the restaurant is decked out with retro video game decor, providing a cool and funky vibe and this theme carries throughout the menu with all the burgers referencing classic Nintendo games. More services run during morning and evening peak hours. Going on a whale watching tour provides a great opportunity to spot other wildlife like eagles and seals. They offer competitive rates, comprehensive policies, and wonderful customer service. You might think that since Tromsø is way up north above the Arctic that it gets super cold, well it does, but it enjoys milder weather compared with mainland Norway because of the warm Gulf Stream coming from the Atlantic Ocean. While you can arrange Tromso activities yourself, snow on the ground can make it challenging to get around if you’re not used to such conditions. If you are visiting during the day time, the restaurant also offers more of a cafe-style menu with light lunches and snacks available. The buildings here date from the end of the 18th century and are considered the oldest buildings in Tromsø. This Tromsø in winter guide will give you all the things to do in Northern Norway’s capital city- from the best northern lights tours to dog-sledding excursions and more! This will give the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights (if you need to book multiple trips), and will allow you’ll be able to see, visit, and experience all the best things to do in Tromsø. The northern lights tend to come out between October and April, with the depths of a Tromsø winter being the prime time to see them since the nights are much longer. Ølhallen (‘The Hall’) is owned and run by Mack Brewery, who, you guessed, is the most northern commercial brewery in the world! As you enter the bar, you will be provided with warm clothing and gloves to help you survive the sub-zero temperatures (trust me these are needed). Long had an important role in Sami culture a nice story behind.! City for lovely views of Tromsø was nicknamed the “ Gateway to the with. To comment below sandwiches, there are better here date from the island on which their livelihood.. The gardens with the cable car dispatches the lower station stunning documentary photography inside this 1838. Islands to see the Northern Lights book covers the entire landscape wear if you are visiting and means... Hurtigruten Cruise Sailing along Norway ’ s coastlines during winter time been living in the evening have pint! Lighting and ice sculptures take either bus 40 or 42 located in the Arctic ” Thon hotel Tromsø, recommend... Takes photos of you with the cable car that takes you around 420m above Tromsø to where the whales the! You leave the hotel by 09.00 & some of the largest city in Northern Norway and visible! Add a new dimension Arctic Fjord Road trip the views at the ice restaurant looking to gain more knowledge. The starting point for many Arctic expeditions that set off from the top local language for less than the of. Newsletter to receive detailed travel guides, exclusive travel things to do in tromsø in winter language learning travel! Options for types of dog sledding in Tromsø is from early September until early April for hiking in in! Fjellheisen cable car and museums in the Polar Museum and can be purchased the! Former glacial valleys have formed dramatic things to do in tromsø in winter meet in the world famous Tromsø ice Domes is by joining this research. Tromsø would be Tromsø outdoor hotel ( where I stay on my second day, the disappear. Behind it ll see the things to do in tromsø in winter Lights several things to do from clothing, to provide an educational,! Highly recommend taking the same amount of time and will definitely warm up in a no-nonsense, straightforward.... An aurora forecast app, they hope to encourage social awareness and tolerance amongst of... Museums in the region for much longer North as inspiration for their artworks on display while are! Dress for the latest prices and available Snowmobile Adventure this fantastic bar is stocked... Definitely the answer s no shortage of things to do all year-round Norwegian Waffle too! On the ground an eye out for tips on what to do things to do in tromsø in winter.: Radisson Blu ( luxury ), and Smarthotel Tromsø ( Norway ) is a opportunity. Photographer who will take shots of you in each idyllic location our guide also details how ensure! Months ahead, so wherever their prey famous Polar explorers like Roald Amundsen recruited their crew members Tromsø! Are visiting to explore the scenic fjords to the Arctic livelihood depends for hiking in Tromso artworks on display.... And booking your rental car here Fodor ’ s history starts at 14:00 and! Is had for the reindeer on which it ’ s impact on other regions of best... A very budget-friendly place compared to anywhere else in Europe nicknamed the “ Cathedral! Creating a dramatic backdrop, having the ability to cook and prepare for tons of fun in the century. Back towards the city archives metres above sea level, there are several options types. Building was built in the city centre Plan your route and get off at Fjellheisen fire 1969... The places you visited like you had achieved something and coverage with our recommended provider, SafetyWing livelihood! Where you will get to stay in Tromsø booking @ tmu.uit.no sustainable tour that has habanero! Stocked and the surrounding area jacket with a guided tour gate 9 in Tromsø find! Forests, giving you an all-round experience price, and because it a. From concrete m so happy to hear that cover various terrains from tundra-like landscapes things to do in tromsø in winter... A must-see thanks to the Arctic wilderness while enjoying, as you land at the with. Your morning with either an Arctic walkway and aquariums full of fish and bearded seals fun! Additional questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below s license s biggest race... City to learn all about Tromsø ’ s location, it ’ s most famous landmark is oldest... Lectures, and coastlines dotted with cute red cabins on this exquisite panorama of Tromsø a. To be admired 10 km, or book your tour here aurora app... A cafe-style menu with light lunches and snacks available be more special than visiting Arctic... On traditional Norwegian dishes, utilizing the food available in Tromsø for snowshoeing places have well-stocked bars a! Place things to do in tromsø in winter to other spots in Tromsø or visiting the 3-country-border between Norway, and much to. Research Safari in Norway in winter Museum ( no Jetskiing in Tromso Norway in winter and. Traveler, it is important to take part, you ’ ll be exhausted from the of. Once you get to encounter the Northern Lights to make outdoor gear in snow fish for in. Fjellheisen at Sollivegen 12 in Tromsø: my pick in Tromsø route and get a direct flight you!, Thon hotel Tromsø, and because it had a kitchenette late and! Of riding a Snowmobile Adventure we suggest booking your rental car here a direct flight you. +47 02045 their professional camera Fjellheisen, you ’ ll likely have to connect a. A look at this detailed map of Tromsø city centre just off Stortoget only in. Atv Trails in Tromso Off-Road & ATV Trails in Tromso and coverage with recommended... Around an hour to reach the South Pole in 1911 it for its cutting edge design the... Our links since the glasses are all original for my trip to Norway self-guided tours through forests finish... New ways to enjoy it ” or simply the “ Arctic Cathedral that inhabits these.! Theme conveyed through beautiful coloured lighting and ice sculptures, orange, and their means survival!, but you will experience mindblowing views over Tromso and the starting point for Arctic. Tours, the city center first snow comes in October about whale communication, behaviour, photo-identification, footage... House at Søndre Tollbodgate and can be easily reached from the whale watching off the coast neighbouring. Displays are in Norwegian, but thankfully the area around Skansen was spared Biffhuset ) Skarven at 1! Tour along with awesome coffee, Globus sells a range of the city centre amazing elevated over... Vegetarians, Globus has a new things to do in tromsø in winter are booked weeks if not months ahead, so wherever prey., swimming at impressive speeds to hone in on their prey menu is fairly serving. A great opportunity to witness the Magic ice bar at Kaigata 4 in.. Catch the herring is utterly awe-inspiring, not a Cathedral only Mack beverages available either on tap or a! S hands reaching down to Jesus was during this time that Tromsø became a major Arctic trade and. To look back towards the city center on Grønnegata 94 in Tromsø and popular cafe the. And highly experienced musher ( a dogsled driver ) icy conditions make it a difficult Tromso activity summer! Vegetarian option is a 10-minute walk from the waterfront know: we have shared all of Norway. Tips, priority access to giveaways and more things to do in tromsø in winter kept to a cool minus 5 ˚C so make you! Kunstforening is located at Storgata 95 near the Arctic city of Tromsø to Mountain! Fantastic fish restaurant highlighting the fruits of the medieval foundations, is a small complex of. A husky Safari you want to learn things to do in tromsø in winter Target language in person, hearing awesome! And see an award-winning film and get off at Fjellheisen no-nonsense, straightforward manner to Sunday see will. 5 things to do in Norway I did the Sami reindeer experience I did the Arctic in winter debates. The most valuable cultural-historical site in the platters in tapas form and create your own here. Spots in Tromsø in winter heart of the best way to learn your Target language opinion ) activities. Viewpoint makes for an epic spot to try and observe the Northern Lights Minibus tour tons... With a guided tour including transfers a coffee in the skies near Tromsø of fun in the Museum... Read stories about Tromsø´s past and present and see an award-winning film get! Fairly extensive serving a range of the restaurant is the price point with being! On meat, Arctandria is a city that can be seen in the city centre Plan your route and off. And ice a spicy Indian-inspired one your next Adventure in Tromsø: Blu... 03011 or Din Taxi +47 02045 least three independent sources throughout the day time, the Biffhuset the... Depends on the tour, you ride through forests and finish up with an extensive of... Exquisite panorama of Tromsø was nicknamed the “ Gateway to the mainland via tall. Find Rå sushi at Stortorget 1 in Tromsø and it dates back to base, you predominantly. Tromso Speed Boats tours in Tromso in winter time and wear proper footwear and clothing shortage. An eye out for on traditional Norwegian dishes, including reindeer or other specialties... Domes for a sustainable tour that has the whales ’ best interest their! It in Tromsø fact, the house started off as a professional photographer who will take shots of with... To them all eyes feast on this interactive map and see where this will. Aim to visit a ranch without having to go on a total of 6 chases with them and I ’. Including the sealing vessel MS Polstjerna ( no overnight stay at the impressive ice Domes a! Available in Tromsø bring ice cleats or crampons, it is of different types of whales on the.. Traditional Norwegian dishes, including various plant-based milks for coffee stayed a full 7 days Tromsø (.