$8.25 shipping. Wave, then yell. JA raved about them in Vol.17 No.1, and he's right—these new Sennheisers are way better than anything they've done before. All of our accessories are genuine manufacturer parts. Man I wish Joe Grado would do a great cheap headphone I could drive with this Walkman! Enter the Grado SR80, possibly the most popular headphone to mod for its simplistic and highly modular design. No— First I wave the gun, then I tell the pilot to fly to Cyprus. Grado GS1000e headphones, with … For phono cartridges we sell replacement styli for the Prestige Series. Grado SR80 On-Ear Wired Headphones - Black. $49.99. Where it all begins. Grado SR60 The new $69 SR60 is the cheapest model in Grado's new Prestige series of affordable headphones based on the same technology featured in the $595 HP 1 and the $495 HP 2 Signature Series. 2 bids. Including both our first ever headphone and the first metal pair, the Prestige Series embodies six decades of Grado Labs audio. Try a pair of our affordable open-back headphones and experience fuller, more realistic sound. This is somewhat expected in open-back headphones but I was surprised at just how good the entry-level SR60e headphones sounded. Joe's nephew John explained to me that the Grado Mojo can basically be boiled down to one essential goal: the elimination of resonance. Grado Labs SR60 headphones are designed to be open-air, dynamic, stereo headphones. In a world where almost every traditional maker of headphones has prostrated itself at the altar of Dr. Dre, the Grado SR60e are something very unusual. This Wiki page will provide links and other pertinent info for all the Grado/Alessandro mods discussed in the SR60-Mod, the SR60 Mod II and the Post Your Grado Mods threads. Wave, yell. Yeah, the high-dollar Stax electrostatics had always been there if you really wanted some quality headphones, but even they had their problems with coloration and treble steeliness. The early '90s were a great era for personal sound— ie, headphones. Koss PRO-4, PRO-4A and Pro/4 AAA Plus headphones, Shure Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Communication Cable, Shure KSE1200SYS electrostatic in-ear headphone system, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Sealed Headphones with Haptic Bass Drivers, HiFiMAN Sundara Around-Ear Open Planar Magnetic Headphones, PSB M4U 8 Over-Ear Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, Audeze LCD2 Classic Open Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones, Advanced Alpha Over-Ear Open Planar Magnetic Headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Affordable Over-Ear Sealed Headphones, Sennheiser HD 660 S Over-Ear Open Headphones, Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature loudspeaker, Analog Corner #304: SAT XD1 record player, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. OK, so that's the High End. And the SR80e is a headphone that simply chooses to be a little more flat and true to the mix bringing out the best of the mid-range. And every time I'd fly somewhere, I'd sit there with these awful 'phones quacking in my ears, thinking, "OK, we lift off, I yell my demands and wave the gun. The open back Grado SR60i headphone has achieved 'Legend' status and is recognised around the world as a clear improvement on its predecessor, the multi-award winning SR60. Even the well-heeled audiophile doesn't wanna take his muy expensivo headphones along when he travels, even if they do annihilate the cheap-ass set that came with his portable CD player or Walkman. Rumor Three: Some retail sources sell Grado’s with the more comfortable pad, others don’t. In developing the He-Man Grados, every part was specially designed and treated to reduce resonances so the dynamic speaker driver could operate from a perfectly rigid structure—Grado claims this is why they have such great resolution and freedom from coloration. The Grado in-ear headphone range offers brilliant designs, and wonderful sound quality in one very small package. Reviews of Grado SR60 headphones. To purchase accessories please visit The Official Grado Store An Introduction to one of the world's best open headphone brands I already own the Grado SR80i and SR60i headphones. Grado has taken one of the world's most legendary headphones and made it even better. Free shipping. The SR60e is a headphone with a well rounded bass that makes for fun, grungy rock and roll listening. GRADO GS1000, SR80i, SR125i, SR225i, SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, RS2i, RS1i, GS 1000i Headphones Replacement Ear Pad/Ear Cushion/Ear Cups/Ear Cover/Earpads Repair Parts (Large) 4.2 out of 5 … Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms The SR60e has a new driver design, a new polymer to better damp resonant distortion in the plastic housing, and a new cable from plug to driver connection. You'll actually hear notes you never knew were there. If you’re looking for the best audio performance to price ratio, the Grado SR60e are an absolutely amazing deal. I have had Grado SR60 headphones for several years and although quite happy with them I was interested in possibility going up a few notches in the Grado lineup for even better sound. And it's not just us Mud People who want good cheap cans, either. I mean, the past couple years have seen the whole headphone trip suddenly break on through to the other side after decades of numbingly bad sound. Not to mention the sudden rash of high-end headphone amplifiers like the original Melos SHA-1 and the great li'l HeadRoom portables. The way the SR60e's new driver and plastic housing move air and react to sound vibrations virtually eliminate transient distortions.