This is my config, and also a cautionary tale (just replace “Linux” with “Emacs” in the comic below). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. (that is, not terminal) Many settings related to windows size are not relevant if emacs is running in terminal. So, find and download a Zip archive for your Emacs version (xx) and your processor architecture (yy) with name from one of the linked subfolders . Doom Note: Emacs has a special extension called “evil mode” that emulates a lot of vi like functionality. Emacs Doom E02 - Projects with Projectile, File Explorer with Treemacs & EShell; Emacs Doom E03 - A short intro to Dired; Emacs Doom E04 - Buffers, Windows and Basic Navigation; Emacs Doom E05: Installing Packages with org-super-agenda as an example; Emacs Doom E06: Quick, horizontal movements with evil-snipe Then I heard about doom emacs and thought I may as well give that a try. If you are you on windows 10, you might want to try Windows Subsystem for Linux instead, and install Doom Emacs natively – herophant Oct 27 at 21:48 add a comment | 1 Answer 1 Doom Emacs. 2 Doom Emacs Introduction. 2020.5.22 2020.5.24 DoomEmacs/windows 546 3 mins. As I mentioned in the last post. An Emacs framework for the stubborn martian hacker - hlissner/doom-emacs TLDR; it’s great. initial-frame-alist is a variable that holds a alist of settings for the first window emacs starts with. Now I’ve discovered the wonders of literate programming, and am becoming more settled by the day. Looking inside Doom Emacs directory I know that they use a different way to do the config but looking at the numbers this is amazing!! Doom Emacs is an Emacs distribution with emphasis on vim users. Doom FAQ states, that Doom on Windows has been reported working. It's a configuration framework for Emacs. Following the link you get a sparse guide on how to install . Windows CTRL + T new tab 3.3 Buffers. Basically, it overrides the Emacs keybindings with most of vim's. Doom Emacs can load 167 packages across 31 modules in 0.611s, while my Emacs takes 2.211s to load only 54 packages!!!! Use Emacs-Tree-Sitter for Highlighting in Doom Emacs; Tearing Off Windows in Emacs; A More Ergonomic Keybinding for Flycheck in Doom Emacs; An evil-mc Emacs Hydra; Emacs Lets You Calculate While You Write; How to Do a Project-wide Search & Replace in Doom Emacs; Easily Copy an Org-mode URL Doom Emacs Cheatsheet. If you want to have this processes to be separate, workspaces is the answer for that. ! 3.4 Modules, Major mode, minor modes. Doom, Emacs & Windows. Doom-emacs. The display-graphic-p check if emacs is running in graphical environment.